Small Business Digital Marketing Project Manager

We're looking for a driven Digital Marketing Project Manager to lead innovative campaigns for our small business clients, foster team collaboration, and drive growth at Pyromaniac Digital.

Small Business Digital Marketing Project Manager
Location: U.S. Based, Remote

We're looking for a trailblazing project manager a passion for helping small businesses grow with digital marketing

At Pyromaniac Digital, we're not just playing with fire; we're setting small businesses ablaze (not literal arson, we just mean - y'know - metaphorically as it relates to growth). We're on the hunt for a Small Business Digital Marketing Project Manager who can turn the heat up on our client projects using HubSpot's dynamic tools.

What you'll be doing:

Your mission is to be the maestro of digital marketing projects, orchestrating strategies that sizzle and pop. You'll:

  • Extract the essence of project requirements from stakeholders, ensuring clarity and direction.
  • Serve as the main point of contact and strategist for client accounts, creating and maintaining project roadmaps that aligns with our fiery vision.
  • Lead marketing campaign reviews, gathering insightful feedback to fuel future strategies.
  • Keep a sharp eye on project timelines and budgets, ensuring every project blazes brightly without burning out.
  • Delegate tasks to operations, sparking their potential to achieve collective greatness.
  • Plan, schedule, and execute marketing campaigns and projects that leave our client's competitors in the dust.
  • Streamline marketing workflows, turning efficiency into our team's superpower.
  • Foster collaboration among cross-functional teams, ensuring that marketing efforts are a bonfire of creativity and skill.
  • Assess, manage, and mitigate risks in the digital marketing landscape, ensuring that the strategies are both bold and deliver real results for our clients.

The Ideal Candidate:

  • Highly Organized: Mastery in managing multiple projects with precision.
  • Self-Driven: A proactive approach, thriving independently in a dynamic environment.
  • Passionate about Digital Marketing: Deeply committed to the craft and its impact on small business growth.
  • Skilled Communicator: Able to simplify complex digital marketing topics for busy business owners so they understand what we're doing and why it matters.
  • Focused on Success: Eager to lead and drive businesses towards remarkable achievements.

Your Daily Playbook

  • Client Meetings: Engaging with clients, sparking discussions to set clear objectives and deliverables for the month ahead.
  • Team Briefings: Relay the clients' vision to our operations team, ensuring everyone is fueled and focused.
  • Ongoing Monitoring: Keep a watchful eye on project progress, fanning the flames to maintain momentum and meet deadlines.
  • Collaboration and Adjustment: Regularly check in with clients and team members, ready to adapt and reignite strategies to ensure all goals are met with Pyromaniac Digital's signature blaze.

Skills You Need to Bring:

  • Proven experience in both digital marketing and project management, especially in a small business context. If you've worked as a digital marketing freelancer or on a small team before, you're getting bumped to the top of our "must interview" list.
  • Proficiency (or at least familiarity with) HubSpot's suite, coupled with a passion for creating digital marketing strategies.
  • Exceptional communication skills, with the ability to ignite enthusiasm and clarity with our clients and your teammates.
  • Strategic planning and relationship management skills that can light up a room.

Bonus Points For:

  • Certification in HubSpot or equivalent digital marketing tools.
  • Experience in leading teams with a drive for innovation and growth.
  • Experience working with ClickUp for project management.

Work Benefits

Work 100% Remote
Flexible Work Hours
Annual WFH Stipend
Paid Vacation Time
Matching 401k Plan
Medical Plan Reimbursement

How to Apply

Please complete our online application form. If you’re a good fit for the role, we’ll reach out to you with next steps.