Introducing Belt Digital

Belt Digital, the new parent company born from Belt Creative's explosive growth, is revolutionizing digital marketing. With Belt Creative focusing on high-performing brands and Pyromaniac Digital catering to small businesses, Belt Digital is poised to dominate the digital landscape by providing specialized, cutting-edge marketing strategies for different market segments.

Collin Belt
January 1, 2024

Let me tell you a story about growth, change, and some seriously cool digital moves we're making.

When I say Belt Creative has been on a wild ride, I'm not just throwing words around. Over the past several years, we've seen explosive growth that's pretty much the digital marketing equivalent of a grand slam. It's been a serious hustle, and I can't help but feel incredibly grateful to our clients. You have been sticking with us through thick and thin, cheering us on, and pushing us to consistently up our game so that our team can deliver our best work.

None of this growth would have been possible without the superstar team at Belt Creative. You are the MVPs who've fueled our agency's explosive growth. We've ridden the highs and lows together, and thanks to you, we're hitting our stride, doing the best work for high-performing brands. Belt Creative has achieved recognition from Webflow for the gold standard we set when it comes to Webflow website design, top-notch SEO, and killer digital marketing strategies.

But hey, success is a double-edged sword. As we've grown, our small business clients from the early days started feeling like they were sitting on the bench. They've got their own game to play, needing big-league strategies but with fewer resources. I get it. And that's why this year we're introducing a new player: Pyromaniac Digital.

Pyromaniac Digital is our answer to the unique challenges of small businesses. It's a growth marketing agency with its eyes on the prize, focusing on small business needs. We're talking tailored strategies, fully-managed digital marketing campaigns, and resource-smart solutions that deliver real results.

Now, the big news: I'd like to introduce you to Belt Digital. Think of it as the coach overseeing the whole game plan. Belt Digital is the new parent company of both Belt Creative and Pyromaniac Digital. It's where the magic happens, ensuring both teams are armed with the latest and greatest in digital marketing wizardry.

So, what's the play? Belt Creative and Pyromaniac Digital continue their stellar service, each laser-focused on their respective leagues – Belt Creative will continue to empower high-performing brands and Pyromaniac Digital will pioneer digital marketing strategies for small businesses. And Belt Digital? It's the structure, the support, and the resource engine behind them both.

We're gearing up for an exciting season. Stay tuned, because with Belt Digital at the helm, the game's just getting started.